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The Benefits of Designer Curated Whole Home Design Packages at Poet & Perth 

All the world’s a stage and so is your home. With the highly anticipated launch of our whimsical and modern Poet & Perth community in Stratford, Ontario, Reid’s Heritage Homes unveiled the Designer Curated “Whole Home Design” Packages, available for those who purchase at this picturesque hamlet. 

The Whole Home Design Packages present a collection of elevated finishes complimentary to the architecturally controlled details of the gorgeous exterior, co-starring upscale interior features and quality finishes to further enrich your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Designer Curated Whole Home Design Packages:

Homes styled by a team of Designers:

Our talented team of Designers designed five cohesive packages, reflective of current design trends, incorporating timeless pieces tailored to your home.

Whether you desire a clean and contemporary style, such as the Cold Brew package or seek something elevated and timeless as the Flat White package, both standard packages were designed with the intention to enhance the interiors of your home, at no additional cost.

For those looking to upgrade from the standard packages, Reid’s Heritage Homes offers three upgrade packages, for those opting for a more customized look and feel. The Bone-Dry Cappuccino offers striking and luxurious finishes while the Espresso Macchiato caters to a modern and sophisticated palette, rich in beautiful tones. The London Fog Latte creates a transitional and elegant space for a tranquil environment, built to make everlasting memories in.

No matter which package you opt for, our Designer curated selection packages were envisioned to make your new dream home a show stopping masterpiece.

New home buying process can feel overwhelming:

There are many decisions that are made from time of sale to taking possession of your keys, that can feel emotionally strenuous. Decisions such as budgetary concerns or deciding which materials work best together during your appointment, can have many feeling overwhelmed and distracted from the process.

Our team of Designers wanted to help ensure that this process can be handled with ease, so you can truly enjoy each stage through the exciting home-buying journey.

Keep things within budget:

Our Curated Design packages allow for our purchasers to achieve the home of their dreams, inclusive of options that can meet their budget. Each package, standard or upgraded will incorporate amazing finishes, such as Quartz countertops, contemporary cabinetry that fits the color palette of their chosen package, luxurious laminate flooring in the Great Room, Dining and Kitchen (as per plan) and gorgeous ceramic tile in the Foyer and Bathrooms (as per plan).

Our Design team will guide you every step of the way to find which package works best for you, without breaking the bank.

Personalize your home to your style with furnishings and décor:

There are still endless opportunities to design your home, incorporating personal touches unique to your style. The fun is only just beginning. Customize your interiors with stylish pieces through artwork, throw pillows, blankets, curtains, accessories, and furnishings.

The options are infinite, when customizing the dressings of your home, exclusively to your style.

Enhances the value of your home:

Whether this is your forever home, an investment or your first home, the finishes of a home can play an impact in the value perceived by others. Our curated packages will not only enrich your lifestyle but also retain the value of your investment.

Our elevated and timeless designs were chosen with the intention to make your dream home a showpiece, undoubtedly making your new investment at Poet & Perth, a dream come true for years to come.

Upgrades through the Builder are covered under Tarion Warranty:

There is an additional benefit when opting to upgrade your package directly with the builder. Every Reid’s Heritage Home comes with a seven-year Tarion Warranty, with the first year of your warranty requiring that materials used in the home are defect free and constructed in a workman-like manner. Any deficiencies that fall under the Tarion Warranty coverage will be scheduled and repaired by your builder (as applicable), ensuring that the product used in your home is of a quality finish.

Not only will your new home be move-in ready, but you will also find an exceptional degree of quality and excellence down to the last and tiniest detail. The Reid’s Heritage Homes standard.

No matter which Whole Home Design Package you select, you can know with confidence that it will be the perfect backdrop for new memories shared, catching the eye of anyone who walks through the front door. 

Visit our Virtual Design Studio to view our Designer Curated Whole Home Design Packages.

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