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How to Clean Your Home Quickly & Efficiently

Keeping a clean home can seem like a lot of work when you are juggling a mound of tasks and schedules, especially with little ones at home. The fall and winter months may call for more care and cleaning as you are tracking in more mud, salt and snow as well as spending more time inside. Many people put off cleaning because it seems like a large, daunting task to clean every room. The bottom line is, if you keep a clean home, the appliances and materials in your home will last longer and you’ll ultimately feel better when spending time in your home. Here are our tips on how to make cleaning quick and efficient.

Cleaning your home

1. Stick to one task at a time. For example, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, tidying etc. Instead of cleaning one full room at a time, choose one and do it for the entire house, this way, the task seems less daunting. It’s also more efficient – if you only vacuum one room, it will get dirty again faster as you’ll track the dirt from the rest of the house back into that room.

 2. Break it up – decide on doing one cleaning task every couple of days or one task a week. That way, something is always getting cleaned for the entire house.

 3. Spray your surfaces - If you are going to clean the entire house at once – start by spraying your surfaces with cleaner for example - bathtubs, sinks, toilets and countertops. You can spray the cleaner and then move on to dust and vacuum while the cleaner has a chance to work its magic, that way, it’ll be easier to quickly wipe through the surfaces instead of scrubbing to get everything off.

 4. Minimize the Clutter - Before setting out to clean your home, be sure to tidy up and limit the clutter. It’ll be much easier to get the vacuum through without toys, magazines or clothes lying around. Plus, once you’ve cleared the clutter, your home will already feel a bit cleaner.

 5. Invest in the proper tools - Make sure you have all the best cleaning products, mops, brooms etc. Having a proper cleaning caddy to carry around with you helps reduce the trips you’ll need to take back and forth grabbing different products.

 6. Make it fun - Lastly, if you live with others, make cleaning a group activity – it’s great to get kids involved. You can make it fun and put each cleaning task on a piece of paper in a jar and have everyone draw a task.

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