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House Plants for Beginners

Adding house plants to your decor will really warm up the feel of your home especially during the winter months. If you’re not one for maintenance, faux plants are always a great option but if you want the real thing, you’ll need to properly care for your plants. Different plants will require different amounts of water, light and different soil consistency which can take some work but having your plants look their best will help your home look its best. We’ve listed our top 5 plants for beginners below.

House Plants

1. Snake Plant
This plant is ideal for beginners! It thrives in sun or partial shade, it prefers dry air and rarely needs re-potting. You can place it outside in the warmer months and leave it inside during the colder months. A tall one would look great in the corner of your living room or add a small one as an accent on a side table.

 2. Cactus
Because of its ability to store water and nutrients, cacti need very little watering and are relatively low maintenance. They are best placed in full sunlight and look great in decorative pots along a window sill or on a shelf in a well-lit area or your home.

 3. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is initially known for its health benefits and can also be enjoyed as a house plant. It requires a coarse soil and lots of bright sunlight so you’ll need to put it in a pot that can drain well and place it near a window. It would look great on a side table or shelf in a bedroom, living room or dining room. Aloe Vera is known to flower quite well in the winter months provided it is receiving sufficient sun light.

 4. Corn Plant
Caring for a corn plant is quite simple. Unlike cacti, it should not be in direct sunlight. This plant would go best in a large statement pot in the corner of a living room, dining room or home office. This plant is somewhat tolerant of neglect and grows quite quickly. With rich, attractive leaves, it will make a nice statement in the corner of a room or on a table depending on the size. Don’t over water or allow too much sunlight and this plant will thrive!

 5. Jade Plant
This plant is quite simple to maintain. It tolerates room temperatures year - round and thrives in indirect sunlight and very little water. If you have a busy week and forget to water it, it will be ok. This plant looks great on a shelf, a side table or in a large pot on the floor. You can experiment with different styles of pots to add to the décor.

Whatever plants you choose, don’t forget – many plants grow more slowly during the winter months, so often they will require less fertilizer or watering during that time. If you have your plants situated near a window, check to see if there’s a draft or cold spells coming off the window and resituate as needed as some plants may be affected by sudden changes in temperature.

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