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Paint or Wallpaper?

Do you have a space in your home that is in dire need of some colour or texture? Perhaps you’ve visited the idea of painting it but you also love the idea of a colourful wallpaper to bring character to the room. You could also use paint to create your own design on the wall. Knowing all the facts about your options is the best way to make a decision. We’ve outlined the details below to help you make your decision.


1. How Creative or Versatile do you want to be?

Both paint and wallpaper are extremely versatile wall coverings. Paint comes in many different colour and texture options and can be applied in different ways to create different styles and textures. Wallpaper will also come in many different colours and patterns, such as textured, glossy, matte, and metallic in a range of solid colors and patterns. Some types of wallpaper are also paintable, allowing you to really customize the look of a room. You can be equally creative with your space by using paint or wallpaper.

2. Which Room Are You Decorating?

If you are decorating your kitchen or bathroom, paint will typically have a longer lifespan as there is a lot of moisture in those rooms which may cause your wallpaper to peel and require replacing. If you are decorating a living space or bedroom, both wallpaper or paint are a good option in terms of lifespan.

3. What is the Longevity?

Typically, paint has a longer lifespan than wallpaper however paint can chip and peel which may require small touch ups while wallpaper may peel or stain and require replacing.  Touching up paint spots is much less costly and time consuming than having to replace or touch up wallpaper. Paint also offers more options for keeping your walls clean whereas some wallpapers are more difficult to clean which requires more maintenance.

4. How easy will it be to install or apply?

It is most often faster to paint a room than it is to install wallpaper even if you are working with a special type of application to create a pattern or texture. Wallpaper installation is a longer, more complicated process for most. Typically, the rolls of paper need to be cut to size and either dipped in water or brushed with water before being smoothed onto the wall. You can eliminate this step by trying a 'peel and stick' version however either way, the different edges need to line up perfectly to avoid interruptions in the pattern, and then the paper must be smoothed with a special tool to remove any air bubbles or excess glue from behind the sheets.

This process typically takes considerably more knowledge, skill, and time than painting a wall of the same size, even when painting with different colors or creating a pattern.

5. What is the most cost effective?

Paint is often less costly than wallpaper depending on the area and the type of paint you are using. If budget is a concern, consider keeping your wallpaper to a smaller wall as an accent and paint the rest.


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