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Moving can be stressful, exhausting and overwhelming – we’ve compiled some of our tips here to help keep your move efficient and organized.

family packing moving boxes


Once you’ve booked a moving date, start taking small steps regularly to get your house ready to be packed up. You can set up a schedule of when you will spend time planning your move so that you know you’ve carved out at least a couple of hours each week leading up to your moving day. Here are some things you can plan to do before you start packing;

1. De clutter your house – this should be the first thing you do to ensure you are not packing and moving things that you no longer use. (A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used something in 1 year, it might be time to part with it or If you still have items in boxes from your last move, it might be time to part with them)

2. Get good quality moving boxes – make sure the boxes are firm and sturdy, the last thing you want is to have your boxes break while on the moving truck.

3. Take a good look at all your rooms and what needs to go into boxes and estimate how many boxes you’ll need from that. It’s better to order too many boxes than to not have enough.

4. Create a moving folder – start collecting contact info, contracts and agreements in one folder – consider keeping a hard copy with you while you’re moving incase questions arise while you’re on the go and you don’t have a device to access it through.

5. Make sure you have all the tools – stock up on moving tape, markers, packing paper for breakables, bubble wrap and coloured stickers for categorizing

6. Your moving company should take care of larger items and furniture but be sure to ask them if they bring appropriate gear for what you have (blankets, tools, bungee cords etc.).

Now that you’re prepared for packing, it’s time to start getting into the nitty gritty and actually putting those belongings into boxes. Here is a list of tips on how to pack more efficiently and set yourself up for a better move;

1. Categorize your items - use your coloured stickers and categorize your items.

2. Space out the packing – start early and space it out so that you only have to pack for a couple hours a day or less. (Organize it so that you’re packing the things you use the least first and the things you use the most last).

3. Don’t let the box get too heavy but also try not to leave any empty space in the boxes. Be efficient - Put heavy items in the bottom of the box and the lighter items on top.

4. Avoid packing things from different rooms in the same box, it’ll just cause you to spend extra time unpacking

5. Pack your must-have essentials the day before you move, basically, everyone in your household (including your pet) should have a bag filled with all the things they will need over the next 24 hours incase you are not able to access your moving boxes. Here is a suggested list;

a.       Toothbrush & toothpaste

b.      Pajamas

c.      Glasses/ contact lenses

d.      Shampoo & soap

e.      Toys/ stuffed animals for kids

f.       Cell phones and/ or ipads

g.      Charging cables

h.      Snacks

i.       Bottled water

j.       Your moving folder containing all your contact info

k.      Medication

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