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A lot of us have been working from home for some time now. Why not check your setup and be sure you’re making the most of it? We've listed our tips below for creating a more functional work space.

home office

1. Make sure your workspace is separated from your relaxation space. 

2.  Ensure you have proper tools to keep you comfortable. If you are working off of a laptop, hook up a monitor for better visuals, if you’re frequently taking phone calls – invest in a headset. Last but not least, don’t forget your chair, it’s important to have a comfortable, ergonomic chair that sits at the right height in conjunction with your desk.

3. Ensure you have proper lighting. Having the right lighting can reduce eye strain as well as  boosting your mood. Natural light is best but if you don’t have a workspace with natural light, consider investing in good lighting.

4. Clean up your desk set up. Remove clutter from your desktop, you’ll be more productive if everything you use regularly has a place within arms reach. Think about the items you reach for on a regular basis and find a place for them within a short distance of where you're sitting. Desk drawers are great for this. By removing the clutter from your desk, it'll be easier to keep your mind clear and you’ll be more productive.

5. Consider re-positioning your desk. Moving your desk can give you a change of scenery and a change of perspective. A new perspective can inspire creativity. Take a look at your current desk set up and assess whether or not there's a way it can be re-positioned. You can even just try out a new position for a day or so to see how it works for you.

6. Decorate your work space to inspire and motivate. Use colours, images and quotes that make you happy. You can paint the walls a colour of your choice or simply hang some pictures and inspiring quotes on the wall. The goal is that you can look up from your screen and like what you see. Your area should invoke inspiration. 

7.  Have clear and neat pathways. If there are items you access sporadically that aren’t within arms reach of your desk (ie – a printer or a filing cabinet), make sure you have a clear, neat pathway to get there. Having to move around obstacles and distractions will take up more time throughout your day and take away from your productivity. 

Our homes are designed with you in mind, which is why many of our new communities feature work from home spaces in the floor plans! 

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