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4 Ways To Do A Room

Our homes are thoughtfully designed with our customers’ needs in mind, that’s why we strive to include ample flex space so that you have room to personalize your space in a way that suits your lifestyle. Having ample flex space will give you an opportunity to create a place to do what you truly love. We’ve identified 4 ways below to set up your flex space- check it out!

Image of a person at a desk, Reid's Heritage Homes

With people spending more and more time at home, the need for extra space has sky-rocketed. Having ample flex space will give you an opportunity to create a place to do what you truly love or to do what you maybe used to frequently do outside of your home ie – exercise, entertainment or office work. Before you move forward to set up your flex space, you’ll want to identify a budget – this will help you determine your options and whether or not you can make ample use of it.

We’ve identified 4 ways below to set up your flex space- check it out!

1. Home Office

A home office is becoming increasingly popular these days with more people working from home. We have found that 2 key components of a good home office set up are lighting and storage. Good lighting will affect your mood and the way you see your screen while sufficient storage will help you create a place for everything and clear clutter from your work area, increasing focus and productivity throughout the day.

2. Yoga or Exercise Studio

Lately, more and more people are finding a need for an exercise studio space at home. If this is what you’re planning, we have some tips on what to include. Make sure you have an area that provides enough open floor space for whatever type of exercise you plan on doing. You’ll also want to make sure you include mirrors to help you perfect your process and inspire you to continue with your goals and lastly, don’t exclude design! Adding a focal wall or some basic elements of décor to your exercise space is ideal in helping you feel good while you’re there. Think about adding motivational quotes or calming colours to the walls – you’re more likely to keep up your routines if you feel good in the room.

3. Extra Bedroom

Maybe you’ll want an extra bedroom for when guests come to visit or maybe you have a relative or close family member that likes to come and help out with the kids. Whatever the reason, it’s always useful to have extra room to accommodate someone overnight. Take the opportunity to have fun with the décor, if the room will only be used some of the time, why not try some bright, bold colours or experiment with some new textures, not only will it be fun to put together but it will also act as a conversation piece for your guests when they come to stay.

4. Combination Room

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect use of your flex space – why not keep it generic and make it into a combination room? You can add some cabinets or closets for storage while also incorporating a sofa bed for extra accommodations when you need it. You can also add a desk along with a sofa bed to have a home office but also an extra bedroom for when guests happen to stay over. There are many options of compact and versatile furniture that you can combine to set up your space to suit your needs.  


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