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Preparing For Your Occupancy Day

When it comes to taking possession of your new condominium, knowing what to expect is key in helping you plan. We've compiled some tips below so that you know what to expect and can better prepare for your big day.

1. When purchasing a condominium, you will typically have an occupancy date and an interim occupancy period before the final closing date. An occupancy date is the day you will take possession of your unit and can move in; however, you will not legally own it until the title transfer is done at final closing.

Click here to learn more about the difference between occupancy and closing.

2. Your Customer Experience Concierge will contact you to schedule your Pre-Delivery Inspection, your key pick up appointment and, if applicable, your elevator appointment. They will also update you as we approach registration of the condominium, so you know when the final closing is near.

3. Lawyer - If you haven’t obtained a lawyer yet, now is the time to do so. You won’t need a lawyer for occupancy, but you will need one for final closing. Please send your lawyer information to your Customer Experience Concierge so that we have it on file for closing.

4. Appraisals – As you will likely have an interim occupancy period before the final closing, appraisers can contact you directly to set up the appraisal after occupancy.

5. Utilities – Have all your utilities set up for services to begin on your occupancy day. Our Customer Experience Concierge will provide you with the details you need for setting up your utilities. Please send confirmation of your utilities to your Customer Experience Concierge once they have been set up before your Occupancy Day.

6. Internet, Cable and Phone Service Providers – You will need to contact your chosen internet provider to set up your services. It is best to arrange it for the days after your Occupancy Day.

7. Register for Tarion Warranty – Ensure you enroll your home in the Tarion Warranty on your occupancy day, as your warranty will begin then. You will be eligible to submit another deficiency list on Tarion’s website 30 days after occupancy.

8. Moving In – Plan for any large deliveries to arrive the following day, as your occupancy day can be a very busy day already. If you have purchased a unit in a mid-rise building, you may need to reserve the elevator for your moving day.

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