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Heritage Behaviours

At Reid's Heritage Homes, we often say that we don't just build communities, we are one. That phrase is not just a fancy slogan, it's an accurate and honest statement about the values of the company and the people who work here. And, with our customer experience program, we are extending that sense of community to include our customers.

When people buy new homes they have hopes of also becoming connected to a community where they will be warmly welcomed. We feel that sense of community should begin with Reid's Heritage Homes, especially during the home purchasing and building experience. That is why we make a promise to treat each customer with respect, kindness and compassion. Perhaps those words sound a little old fashioned, but they represent the beliefs of our successful culture that has been cultivated for our 45 years. They are our Heritage Beliefs and we act upon them - whether we are helping a customer plan for amenities in their new home or working internally with fellow employees. 

Reid's Heritage Homes are trusted builders in Southern, Ontario

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We Believe Meaningful Connections Are Built On:

o   Showing regard for other people’s needs and feelings.
o   Providing transparency at all times and give people choices. 

o   Trying to be helpful in any situation.
o    Proactively checking in with people and being aware of their changing situations. 

o   Showing sympathy – putting yourself in other people’s shoes.
o   Thinking ahead of questions and working to provide pleasant surprises. 

We treat each customer relationship as an important connection; one that we want to keep for a long time into the future. It is the promise Reid’s Heritage Homes makes and our people proudly keep.

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