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Reid’s Heritage Homes is honoured to be chosen as one of five builders selected by Natural Resources Canada and Owens Corning Canada to participate in the national Net Zero demonstration program.
The overall national project will see the construction of at least 25 Net Zero Energy homes in four provinces – Nova Scotia, Québec, Alberta, and Ontario. Reid’s Heritage Homes will be constructing five Net Zero Homes by 2016 in its flagship Westminster Woods community in Guelph, Ontario.
Reid’s Heritage Homes has accepted this exciting building challenge with the goal of advancing the awareness and science behind sustainable building practices, by determining optimal innovative systems that will work in the ultra-efficient Net Zero homes. Most importantly, we have taken on this challenge so that we can provide consumers with homes that will improve their lives. These homes will be healthy, safe, comfortable and durable, and will hedge against increasing energy costs. Moreover, this project aims to provide all of the benefits of resource-efficient, sustainable housing affordably, by making this option accessible to every day families.
So, what is a Net Zero home? In simple language, a Net Zero Energy home produces as much energy as it uses on an annual basis, depending on occupant behaviour. In terms of technology, materials and efficiency standards, the homes built will be at least 15 years ahead of where the building industry is today. They will include features such as advanced heating, cooling, ventilation, high-efficiency windows, superior levels of insulation and air tightness and solar panels that feed the electrical grid.
Some of the benefits that Net Zero Energy Homes provide include:
• The potential for saving money on energy costs all year round and protecting families from future energy price increases;
• Providing healthier, more comfortable living spaces with better indoor air quality, stable temperatures, and healthier building materials; and
• Lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving resources, reducing pollution, and minimize the household’s ecological footprint.
We are excited to be a part of this important initiative and will be posting regular updates about the progress on our Net Zero Energy homes. Please check back often!