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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Policy Statement

The Senior Management team of Reid’s Heritage Homes (Reid’s Heritage) is vitally interested in the Health and Safety (H&S) of all of its team members including subcontractors. A major ongoing objective is to protect its team members from workplace injury or illness including workplace violence and harassment. The Senior Management team aspires and pledges to be the best and will make every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment. All team members including workers, supervisors, managers, subcontractors must be equally committed and dedicated to the objective of reducing the risk of injury or illness including workplace violence and harassment. To that end, safety and accident prevention will not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.

As an employer, Reid’s Heritage is ultimately responsible for team member H&S. As part of the Reid’s Heritage Senior Management team, managers and supervisors are legally required to take every reasonable precaution to protect team members from harm. Relevant laws, legislative requirements, safety policies and procedures will serve as the minimum acceptable standard for Reid’s Heritage.

To support this commitment, both Reid’s Heritage Senior Management team and its team members share a joint responsibility to implement and maintain an Internal Responsibility System directed at reducing and preventing incidents or accidents resulting in occupational injuries, diseases and illnesses to include workplace violence and harassment. All team members will take personal ownership and responsibility to report H&S hazards or safety concerns to their supervisor.

As part of their legal duties, Reid’s Heritage managers and supervisors, or any team member who supervises another team member are responsible for that team member's H&S. In addition, supervisors must ensure that machinery and equipment is safe and that team members follow established safe work practices and procedures. Team members will be trained and encouraged to respect one another in the workplace and to use and wear appropriate safety equipment as required for the specific work task they have been assigned.

H&S is a critical component of our daily lives and represents who we are as a group and how we consider Health and Safety a key ambassador of our “Core Values”. H&S has become an essential part of the Reid’s Heritage organization from the Senior Management team to all of its team members. Additionally, every team member must protect their own H&S by adhering to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable Regulations and the Reid’s Heritage Health and Safety Program. Specific legislation will be referred to throughout the Safety Program elements or in Reid’s Heritage Safe Work Practices and Procedures. Appropriate, firm and consistent response will be taken when H&S deficiencies or contraventions to the H&S Program are noted.


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