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ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary arrangement between Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency that works with organizations who voluntarily manufacture, sell or promote products which meet a premium level of energy efficiency making it easy for consumers to choose the most energy efficient products sold in Canada.  

First Award Recipient

In 2012, Reid’s Heritage Homes was the first recipient of the ENERGY STAR® Builder of the Year Award from the Ministry of Natural Resources Canada, the first-ever national level award of its kind presented to a homebuilder in Canada.

Standard Feature

As part of Reid's Heritage Homes' ongoing initiative to promote more responsible building practices and raise environmental awareness, we are proud to be the first homebuilder in the Tri-Cities region to release ENERGY STAR® as a standard feature in select communities.

ENERGY STAR® is standard in all of our single detached homes in:


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By incorporating ENERGY STAR® as a standard feature, Reid’s Heritage Homes is building homes that operate up to 20 percent more energy efficiently than those built to the minimum Ontario Building Code standard. Homeowners in these communities can look forward to a quieter, more comfortable living environment while enjoying the benefits of lower operating costs.  


Since 2007, our Energy Star Homes have saved:

  • Homeowners: $10.5 M in operating expenses
  • The atmosphere: 32,000 – 42,000 tonnes of GHG emissions (as a comparison, a single NASA space shuttle launch produces 28 tonnes of GHG alone)
  • Energy: Enough energy to power 3,500 new Ontario Code Built homes for 1 year!